In circles we grow,
like from whenceforth the dragons have come.
Yearning for Freedom, beyond that Sorrow,
‘tis from hence, that the Dragons have come.
As through the ages the Oceans were born,
skies being skies ever since,
then came the shadow,
and fear has been born,
coming from there, from that land,
in which Silence left without brother
the sisters that had been in need.
As the stars fell, the light was well waining,
and yet in the earth-ancient creed,

There still it was: Silence
anew was born from within.
and as ending the suff‘ring, the Oceans
came forth from the Spirit within.

                Written at Duke‘s Coffeeshop in Melbourne (CBD)

Come forth Land of Freedom!
Come forth, Lords of the Land!
Come forth; Skies; open to Freedom:
Come forth; Skies, for love be that land
Quoth – nevermore…
Gold in [is?] thy Freedom;
And cold is the ore
unless you burn in that fire [-] fire within;
Fire in Fire, thy songs then shall sing.

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